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Media Consumption and Immigration: Factors Related to the Perception of Stigmatization Among Immigrants

International Journal of Communication


A�0�9o: 2016

Autor UDP: Nicole Etchegaray Thielemann

Autor UDP: María Teresa Correa Reymond

Images and attitudes about immigrants are fed and shaped by the media, and their effects are not innocuous. This study investigates the relationship between media exposure and perceptions of stigmatization among immigrants. Drawing from social identity, cultivation, and hostile media effect theories, it examines whether exposure to the media from the host country compared to the country of origin is associated with perceptions of negative media coverage and perceptions of discrimination among foreigners. A survey conducted among 603 Latin American immigrants who live in Santiago, Chile, found that many immigrants perceive that Chilean media promote negative images about immigrants. The study also found that immigrants who are exposed only to media of the host country have increased perceptions of discrimination against them than those who are also exposed to media of the country of origin. Keywords: media, immigrants, social identity theory, cultivation theory, stereotype, discrimination, survey, Chile